Ready to Fit Into Your Skinny Jeans, Have More Energy, Sleep Like A Baby And Make PEACE With Your Plate?

Then You Are In The RIGHT Place!
If your like most women, how you feel about your body can impact every area of your life. It can influence everything from your confidence - to how worthy and deserving you feel of love.
Maybe you’re doing all the right things: clean diet, fitness etc.., yet your body no longer responds to your efforts.

Or, on an emotional level, perhaps there are areas of your life where you feel like your failing.

Toxic relationships, a job you hate or feeling like you need to put everyone else first before your needs can be met.

Obsessed and desperate for solutions, you’ve probably paid a small fortune in bills and tried everything under the sun to shift it:
  • Eating less and exercising more
  • Diet plans (that are impossible to maintain)
  • Consults with your doctor, who just says “you’re fine” (yeah right!)
  • Or, maybe years and years on a therapist's couch, trying to get your mind body and soul in balance - to no avail
Despite your efforts, every day you wake up exhausted and continually compare yourself to other women - praying that “one day” you’ll feel normal again.
Yet, sadly, that day never arrives.
No matter what your health challenges are, not being able to get your mind and body to where you want it to be can feel beyond frustrating - even debilitating.

I’m here to tell you, it does not have to be this way - and I know exactly how to get you back on track and feeling great about yourself again.

Hi, I’m Olesya Wilson, a certified nutritionist and women’s health specialist who has been supporting women (just like you) for years.

I want you to know it is NOT normal to feel crappy about yourself or your body - at ANY age! It’s a complete myth that it’s your metabolism, bad genes or “normal” signs of aging.

Here’s the thing: what most doctors, nutritionists and practitioners get wrong is they focus on “symptoms” (band aid solutions) - instead of addressing what is actually causing the symptoms!

The symptoms are clues, the SOS messages your body is sending you to alert you to deeper issues occurring in your body.

To get to the real cause, we need to take a natural and holistic approach.

You and your body are completely unique compared to anyone else. I approach your symptoms like a detective, going over the clues (symptoms) with a fine tooth comb.

For example, most thyroid issues manifest due to an inability to express yourself. This often occurs if you had a domineering father or husband, leaving you feeling like you have no control.

And, If you have issues in your pelvic area, this is often a symptom of a passionless partnership or experiencing sexual abuse.

For years, my secret sauce for success with clients has been the intensive, world-class lab tests I work with that truly peel back the curtain on what’s going on with your body AND mind.

There are numerous hidden stressors wreaking havoc on your body that you are most likely not even aware of.

Over a lifetime, your body will accumulate everything from parasites and bugs to unhealthy gut bacteria and many more toxins.

This is why our first step starts with the best lab testing available in the world. We need the most reliable and accurate reading possible so I know exactly what to remove that does not belong in your body.

Most people have no idea how inflamed their organs are or the impact on your liver when hormones are not being flushed correctly.
Your body desperately wants to get better - you just need to give it a reason.
This is why it is imperative to take an “all inclusive” approach so, together, we can create lasting and permanent change for you.
Check out what happened for Stephanie…
There are no words that could ever describe what Olesya has done for me. I went to school for a Masters in Nutrition, studied Chemistry and understand how food works inside our bodies on a molecular/cellular level. However, a part of me, my Higher Self, KNEW that there was a way to connect the Mind and Body and Spirit but I never was able to find someone who could GUIDE me THROUGH IT. Until I met Olesya! I gained WAY more than just “physical” health. I gained Life!
~ Stephanie Guerrero
Look, I’m sure you’ve already invested months (even years) of your precious time to figure out how to get back in control of your body, mind and soul.
I value your time as much as I do my own. I get it. Time is ticking - and I have no intention of wasting yours!

Results like Stephanie’s are what continually inspire me, and exactly why I created my most robust, signature private program: Thriving Woman Protocol.

This is your opportunity to have FULL access to me and the wealth of both personal and professional experience I have accumulated that has proven to get results for every client I work with.
Since working with Olesya over the last four months I have lost the weight effortlessly, my energy is back and friends and family are asking me what I am doing because I look so much younger and more vital. I feel great! She is a total gem and her work is life changing - run, don't walk, to make an appointment and do this for yourself! 
~ Catherine Gray
As my cherished, private, VIP client, I will hold your hand and lovingly guide you through everything from eliminating stress to (finally!) making PEACE with your plate!
  • Professional, world-class Lab Testing to assess hormones, gut health, heavy metals, inflammation, microbiome, enzymes. (includes GI Map and Minerals)
  • A full evaluation of your stress level, sleep, and current nutrition & exercise regiment.
  • ​Heal digestive system and liver, address insulin and leptin resistance by following my “Happy Gut Plan” a 2 phase, easy and fun gut healing guide that includes meal plans.
  • ​Get cortisol under control using exercises, meditations, ideas, tips and tricks that will help them fight stress and balance their hormones. The less cortisol you have, the faster you lose weight!
  • ​Self love, subconscious mind reprogramming. Step-by-step actions towards achieving your physical and spiritual goals. Journaling, working on self-discovery, self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence.
  • ​ A body and environmental detox. Includes applications, tools and exercises for (naturally) cleansing their body, kitchen, house and environment. The goal is to let go of anything that is toxic in their life.
  • ​A personal hormonal imbalance assessment and customized steps to reverse the symptoms. We discuss their personal path to hormone balance.
  • ​Customized supplements, herbs, tonics and elixirs that will speed up your weight loss and help reverse anxiety/depression while achieving hormone balance.
  • ​Meal plan (with more than 300 delicious recipes and desserts) – a customized and individualized plan that addresses gut health, nutritional deficiencies, hormones and metabolism.
  • ​Energy healing sessions with an intuitive medical healer to find out the connection of energy to an emotion or an event causing the illness and identify energy blockages and imbalances.
PLUS, soooo much more!

Honestly, with everything included and the years of experience, expertise and real world results I bring to the would have to hire FIVE different practitioners!
I cannot thank Olesya enough for giving me my life back (made it even better actually). This is my new lifestyle for a lifetime.
I started the plan. I have lost 11 kilos in 7 weeks!! Incredible. I feel like I can take on the whole world ;p My skin is radiant, I am spending more active time with my two boys of 14 and 12 and am prospering in my own business! 
~ Shirley Ferrugia
I lost 11 pounds in two months following Olesya's Plan. I had given up all hope of losing weight. I wasn't feeling good about myself and was constantly feeling drained of energy.
Olesya has helped me lose weight, feel good about myself, gain renewed energy and brought about improvements in my hair loss issue. She's a dedicated professional who is enthusiastically helping women all over the world.
~ Claire Caruana
Even though I have many more glowing testimonials, I understand you may still be thinking:
“But will this work for ME?”
With hand on heart, I can say with full confidence that YES it will!
The reason other practitioners, diets and doctors have failed you is because they focus on a blanket approach and chase symptoms.

What I’ll be doing with you is creating a customized plan that will take you on a physical, emotional and spiritual journey to healing.

This kind of deeper dive is the ONLY solution for permanent change - and why I have created unparalleled results for every woman who works with me.

As I shared before, I approach your health like a detective. I am NOT going to chase your symptoms, we’re going to assess your entire body’s blueprint from the inside out!

Today is your opportunity for this to be the LAST day you feel like a prisoner trapped in a body that doesn’t feel like it’s yours.

Say goodbye to fad diets, depriving yourself, wearing baggy shirts at the beach and dealing with a continual emotional and hormonal rollercoaster.
Those days are over, my friend.

Let’s get you on the path to glowing skin, a healthy sex drive, waking up rested, full of energy and completely balanced hormones.